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MOAI Studio - A Digital Agency

your Web Agency in Milan

MOAI Studio is a creative agency based in Milan strongly focused on web. We handle web design, online marketing and graphics.

We believe in the strength of the image, the primitive form of communication, but constantly evolving as our research for something new.
We look to the future strong to have the solid foundations of the past. Tradition is Innovation, this is our view.
Those who choose MOAI finds the certainty of experience and gets innovative solutions. We offer you the opportunity to make yoursel known through marketing services, web, print advertising and dedicated graphics.
Services specifically designed and built to reflect at top the image you have chosen for your business.

MOAI Studio - Creative Laboratories -

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what we can do for you

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web design

Web site is the first business card. Be pthere is important, but has to do it well

SEO optimization

We pledge a lot of time to bring your business the attention it deserves

digital graphics

We develop and realize you communication idea.
Web, press and publishing graphics

web marketing

We promote your business through Google and Facebook classified advertising

IOS, win and Android

Project and develop App for Apple, Android and Windows.
Don't be still

brand identity

Building your Company image. We don't neglect nothing:
logo, slogan, colours, emotions....

social media

Social networks ar essential to any Company, they create new leads and make faithfull customers

erp and crm

Optimise time and costs: any Company, big or small, must entrust to management softwares

corporate communication

From brochure to mass-mail, from poAnything to hit your target